Typhoon Yolanda Relief Efforts in DAR

Bulletins on Typhoon Yolanda Relief Efforts in DAR 



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As of 15 November 2013, Department of Agrarian Reform accounted the list of DAR Personnel who survived in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda in Samar and Leyte, as follows:

1.      Eliasem Castillo - OIC-Director IV

2.      Shiela Enciso –OIC- RARAD

3.      Ismael P. Aya-ay –OIC -Director III

4.      Geronimo Peque - Attorney V

5.      Enrique Granados III – OIC- PARPO II (E. SAMAR)

6.      Melicia M. Ong –OIC-PARPO (Leyte)

7.      Paulina Canales –PARPO I (Leyte)

8.      Nelie C. Dulfo –PARAD (Northern Samar)

9.      Nida Abelido – PARPO II (Northern Samar)

10.   Jose Balberde – OIC-PARPO I (Northern Samar)

11.   Fe Malinao

12.   Programmers Inna Homeres and Joel Encina

PARPO II of Northern Samar Nida Abelido reported that there’s no casualty among DAR Staff in their province.

However, those Personnel confirmed dead are :

1.      Editha C. Casillar –PARAD of Eastern Samar and Southern Leyte

Her 2 children and grandson

2.      Atty.  Segundino Bantiles Jr.  and his family except  for one child

3.      Elvie Delgado and two children

4.      Sister-in- law of Julie Bru

PARO Abelido added that Regional Director Eliasem Castillo will be moving around the entire Region to get a better assessment of the situation, the condition of our office and the documents saved or totally damage.