Administrative Order No. 25, Series of 2011

AO 25 Banner
AO 25, dated December 21, 2011 was issued with the end in view of developing a collaborative mechanism to “establish a unified and integrated Results-Based Performance Management System (RBPMS) across all departments and agencies within the Executive Branch of government incorporating  a common set of performance scorecard and creating an accurate, accessible and up-to-date government-wide, sectoral and organizational performance information system.” 


Status of  2013 PBB Eligibility for DAR

The AO25 Secretariat is currently validating our eligibility requirements for 2013 PBB, pending the submission and  completion of all required documents.

Based on initial assessment, as of February 7, 2014, DAR’s 2013 Good Governance Conditions still need validation and justification.  The Department still have to submit Form 1.0 (DAR’s Rating and Ranking) since two indicators in the LTI MFO are less than the 90% performance level.  An explanation on DAR’s performance, have already been submitted for the consideration of AO 25 Task Force. 

Attached is the latest status of initial assessment of 2013 PBB Eligibility requirements of DAR