DAR Agusan Norte Surpassed Land Distribution Target

The Department of Agrarian Reform in Agusan del Norte has set a record breaking 160 percent performance in land distribution from the annual projection of 1,370 hectares even before the 1st semester ends. As early as June 15, 2013, records showed that the office distributed a total of 2,198 hectares of agricultural lands to 1,248 farmer beneficiaries against this year’s target of 1,370 hectares.
The remaining fifteen (15) days of the 1st semester is focused on the delivery of the additional 1,500 hectares for distribution. While the second semester will be focused on Private Agricultural Lands (PAL) for distribution within the year and the issuance of Notices of Coverage, (NOC) for Phase 3-B landholding. 
This year’s land distribution phase is believed to be the province’s best year in performance as it surpassed any recorded performance in land distribution for the past ten years. This milestone is the first since this year’s PARO II Andre B. Atega became the Caraga’s Assistant Regional Director for Operation and the fourth record breaking milestone since he became a full pledge Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer II in 2007.
For twenty five years of CARP implementation, the province has already distributed a total of 33,219 hectares of agricultural lands representing 74 percent of the revised scope of 45,174 hectares. Total number of agrarian reform beneficiaries has now reached to 18,614 as of December, 2012.
ARDO Atega is thankful to DAR employees who directly contributed the attainment of such level of performance despite its meager DAR resources. He pointed that it was the Land Tenure Improvement workforce both Land Acquisition and Distribution (LAD) and Survey Teams who contributed much in delivering its target. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (PMEU) has also been active in monitoring the process to keep in check the progress.
These intensifying efforts of the province to fast track the land distribution is in response to the DAR Secretary Virgilio De Los Reyes’ directives to finish the job before the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms (CARPER) LAD directive which will be completed in June 2014.