DAR ADN Meets Target for Land Distribution

The Department of Agrarian Reform Agusan del Norte currently has 76% or 33,219 hectares overall performance in relation to provincial CARP scope of 43,742 hectares for distribution.
The remaining 10,523 hectares of Agricultural lands will be distributed to the landless soil tillers within the period provided under CARP Extension with Reform program.
PARO II Andre B. Atega credited the performance to the Municipal Agrarian Reform Officers (MAROs) and provincial personnel in fast-tracking the implementation of land distribution.
Aside from land distribution, DAR aims to push the Program Beneficiaries Development (PBD) component in the province involving social infrastructure and capacity building services (SILCAB) to empower 18,579 both members and non-members of the organizations.
In the strengthening of the delivery of agrarian justice, DAR-AND accomplished 110% in 2012 with 498 cases resolved. The province was able to render administrative decision to a total of 674 Agrarian Law Implementation (ALI) cases involving 534 ARBs. This brings to 136% accomplishment out of the funded target of 494 cases.
The Legal Division, lead by Atty. Reggie Saludo, resolved 492 quasi-judicial cases involving 472 ARBs and 381 mediation cases.