Success Story: Nong Lolong’s Hand: A Desire Come True


Though having barely finished high school, it did not hinder Nong Lolong to learn how to increase his rice production. His fortune took a 180-degree turn when DAR-Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Support Project (ARISP) give him a big break through identifying him as a farmer-beneficiary undertaking tSuccess-story-Nong-Lolong-Hand-A-Desire-Come-True-4he one hectare demo farm project. With the assistance of ARISP III who is financing the production inputs for his demo farm, Nong Lolong assures a hundred percent in reaching his goal.
Nong Lolong or Cresencio M. Anino, 62 years old residing at Baragay Del Rosario, Tubod, Surigao del Norte is currently the Vice President of Tubod Farmer’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative (TUFAMULCO) and Chairperson of the Project Management Committee of the Enhanced Rice Production project of the cooperative under ARISP III.
He gained knowledge in farming through different trainings exposures like Palay check, Seed production, Organic Farming, and Vermi Culture. All of which he tried in his one hectare demo farm and being able to raise his yield from 85 cavans to 195 cavans of palay. He also was able to have an additional 40 cavans that came from “saweling” or ratoons which now totals to 235 cavans.
From the P 25,000 that he has spent on his one hectare farm minus the expenses he had for the inputs, land preparation and labor cost, it had resulted to a net income of P 58,000 for this cropping. Because of this, he was able to pay fully his loan obligation to their cooperative.
Nong Lolong advised his fellow farmers in the area that they should be willing and open to learn and adopt new and proven technologies, and cooperate in their organization.
In 2011, Cresencio “Lolong” M. Anino received the Outstanding Organic Farmer Awardee of Department of Agriculture, Surigao del Norte Provincial Office.