Toting’s Success Story

Trinito “Toting” Cane Cebuan started farming at the early age of 15. He is the son of a marginal laborer of Maraput Agri-Dev’t., Inc. (MADI), a hacienda located in Brgy. Basag in Agusan de Norte. His wage that time was just P4.75 daily and uses it to augment the income of his father for the family.

In 1982, Toting married Teresita Jacolbe who is also from Basag. He graciously left his parents and lived with his wife and was blessed with 4 children. One day, Toting was informed that they have to give a 25/75 sharing or ¼ rental of their production because the company could no longer finance the farm and pay their wages. He knew at that time that tilling the land all by himself was not an easy job to do and it requires a big sum of money. It was also during this time that Toting’s faith in God was being tested, his eldest son who was only few months old died.

Although sad about the situation, he didn’t lose hope in coping up with the daily needs of his own growing family. He even tripled his time working in his cornfield. He would wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning, and eventually he was able to transform his land into a more productive farm without resorting to loan. Then, out of his curiosity, he ventured of growing another crop which he believed would earn more. He diverted his cornfield into squash production. When the squash was harvested, he could hardly believe the yield; he was able to sell the harvest and earned 5 times more than his usual earnings from the corn.

Motivated with his success in squash production, he expanded his area of cultivation by renting/leasing adjacent vacant lots. When rainy season comes, the area would be planted with rice and squash production during dry season. With the farm proceeds he was able to provide his wife a capital to put up a sari-sari store which is just adjacent to their house    

In 1994, late MARO Sandri F. Pacot, went to the area and informed all tenant-cultivators that the land they were tilling was subjected to CARP by DAR. At first, Toting could not believe that the land owned by Don Matias Tirador, the owner of Maraput Agri-Dev’t., Inc., would be distributed to them. Although doubtful about the CARP, he still attended meetings anytime his presence was requested. He continued working his area of cultivation, Success-story-Toting-Cebuan-2making it more productive.   His worries and doubts was replaced with happiness when DAR finally awarded the land he and his family has been tilling for years. Transformed from tenant to landowner, the money previously intended for the rents was deposited in the bank in his own account. Later, the accumulated savings was utilized to buy adjacent lands.

To date, Toting’s three-hectare rice land expanded. He still maintained the cultivation of the adjacent uncultivated lots which he used to rent and managed it all by himself. His wife also was able to buy another four-hectare rice land. He was able to acquire more assets and farm machineries that are still generating additional income for the family. Now, they have 3 passengers’ jeeps, farm mall, 2 turtle-tillers, 2 threshers, 1 corn sheller, 1 water pump, 3 single motorcycles. Their small sari-sari store keeps on expanding into a mini grocery mart with a capital of more than P 100,000.00.

At present, they are also extending credit assistance to farmers who need capital to cultivate their
farm. They are also raising livestock right now they have 18 cattle, 7 carabaos, 7 hogs, 8 goats and poultry. They have savings in big commercial banks. They are now active in socio-civic organizations in their area. They can already afford to send their children to any prestigious universities. Their eldest son is a graduate of BS Criminology and now pursuing another course.

Despite all the of Toting’s success, he remained humble as he used to be. The family is also thankful that through DAR’s program they were able to think big and were motivated to strive more and we quoted, “Tungod sa DAR nakaangkon kami ug yuta nga maoy puhunan sa tanang butang nga natagamtaman namo karon, ang kahamugaway nga maoy nakapaeskuela sa among mga anak.” (Because of DAR, we were able to acquire lands, the source of our success and comfort in life, which we are now reaping and able to send our children to school).

The hardworking couple has nothing to ask more. They still keep on achieving their dreams because they believe that to accomplish great things, they must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but work out what is planned; not only follow, but also lead. As what Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever a man can conceive and believe, he can achieve.”