DAR Scholarship

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) through MC No. 10, series of 1989, mandated all government offices to rationalize their Human Resource Development (HRD) Programs in order to optimize the performance of their personnel. Such HRD programs include scholarships, training opportunities and other development activities.

The National Economic and Development Authority-Special Committee on Scholarships (NEDA-SCS) is responsible for the coordination and administration of Foreign-Assisred Scholarship Program (FASP). The FASP is a development assistance program concerned with the availment of foreign-exteneded study grants as part of the HRD program undertaken by the government to enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of government civil servants.

The Department of Agrarian Reform-Scholarship Committee complements the functions of the NEDA-SSCS in the Department and implements the CSC-MC No. 10, series of 1989 by rationalizing the solicitation, acceptance and availment of foreign and local scholarships and other training and development activities vis-à-vis the CARP’s and Department mandate and objectives. DAR’s Scholarchip program is governed by the policies and directives set by both the SCS and the NEDA-SCS.

 GMC No.1, Series of 2005 (Scholarship Revised Guidlines) 


Batch 4 program duration from May 3, 2017 – October 5, 2018.

Recommendation letter from the Head of Office together with the following documentary requirements must be submitted in one (1) folder per applicant to the Scholarship Secretariat, ARCDS, DAR Compound, Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City on or before March 3, 2017:

·         CSC Form 212 (Revised 2005)
·         Statement of Actual Duties and Responsibilities RELEVANT to the course/program duly certified by the immediate supervisor
·         Certification of no pending administrative and/or criminal case issued by the Legal Service or its field counterparts
·         Certification of no pending nomination to any scholarship (local/foreign)
·         Certification of no obligation from previous training programs attended
·         Certification of non-withdrawal signed by the applicant and attested by the Head of Office
·         Certified copy of Transcript of Records and College/Graduate Studies Diploma
·         Certified copy of Service Record
·         List of training programs attended for the last five (5) years certified by Personnel Division/Section
·         Performance rating for the last two (2) periods
·         Consent of spouse, if applicable


Invitation from the Civil Service Commission (CSC) for the 2015 Civil Service Institute (CSI) Leadership Series
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