Agrarian Refrom Infrastructure Support Project III

Project Brief Template ARISP III-1The Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Support Project III (ARISP III) is a 6-year development project of the Department of Agrarian Reform with the primary goal of reducing poverty by agri-enterprise development, food security and enhancement of economic activities for 136 ARCs throughout the country.
The project involves provision of Rural Infrastructures such as irrigation facilities, farm-to-market roads, post-harvest facilities, and rural water supply systems; Agrarian Information and Marketing Centers; Organizational/Institutional Development; and Agricultural & Agri-enterprise Development in the ARCs through appropriate training and capacity building approaches.  Assisted by the Government of Japan/JICA.
PROJECT HIGHTLIGHTS                            (as of Dec. 31, 2012)
-The project has an overall weighted physical accomplishment rate of 82% over an elapsed time of 67%;

-Physical Infrastructure: 206 kms FMR, 80 lms bridge, irrigation system covering 2,388 hectares, 8 units PHFs and 23 PWS were completed;

-Construction of 118 sub-projects are on-going and 106 are under various pre-construction stages;

-Institutional Development: 136 cooperatives, 134 irrigator’s associations, 91 water users’ associations and 17 federations assisted;

-Agriculture and Agribusiness Development: 196 proposals approved.