DAR crafts strategy map to guide strat planning in DAR regions for the next six years

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piaBANILAD, CEBU CITY, Jan. 11— DAR Undersecretary for Finance, Planning and Administrative Office David Erro presented the department’s strategy map to the third level officials of the DAR during the formulation of the department’s strategic plans and directions for 2017 to 2022.

“As part of the DAR management team under Secretary Rafael Mariano, we have prepared a strategy map which would serve as a guide in the crafting of each DAR regional offices’ strategic plans for the next six years,” Erro said.  

According to Erro, the DAR’s strategy map comprises Secretary Mariano’s major thrusts and policy directives to be cascaded to all DAR regional and provincial offices for execution.  

“In a nut shell, the DAR’s strategy map would work around the Secretary’s primary policy directive of protecting farmers’ rights and their welfare. Under this [directive], the workforce of the department would do its best to implement projects and programs that would ensure the security of tenure of farmers, intensify land distribution, delivery of judicious agrarian justice and provision of support services,” explained Erro.  

The third level officials of the DAR are the Bureau, Staff and Office Directors of the DAR central office, the Regional Directors, Assistant Directors, Adjudicators and the Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officers.  

The planning conference is being held at the Montebello Villa Hotel on Jan. 9-13, 2017.  (DAR)

Source: http://news.pia.gov.ph/article/view/1141484051051/dar-crafts-strategy-map-to-guide-strat-planning-in-dar-regions-for-the-next-six-years