Legal Information System

DAR Legal Information System Made Easy
darlis2Available in the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) website free of charge, DAR-LIS boasts of a retinue of Administrative Orders, Memorandum Circulars, Special Orders, other administrative issuances, and legal opinions issued by the Department. It also hosts full texts of the issuances of other government agencies, laws, as well as jurisprudence related to agrarian reform.
The DAR-LIS is a part of a series of projects spearheaded by the DAR Legal Affairs Office aimed towards promoting transparency and expediting the delivery of agrarian justice while engaging the participation of the public. Among these notable projects are the creation of Case Templates, which will aid even non-lawyers to develop and to file their own cases with the DAR; a customized Legal Case Monitoring System (LCMS) which will provide a complete and accurate listing of all pending cases for close monitoring; and the revision and overhauling of various administrative guidelines and rules in order to streamline the case procedures and to facilitate program implementation.
Two years after its launch, the DAR-LIS remains to be the most comprehensive legal database made available by a government agency to the public in the worldwide web, in line with President Benigno C. Aquino III’s mandate to maintain an “open-door and disclosure” policy in the government.
Today, the DAR-LIS is a one-stop shop for legal information on agrarian reform that is accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere in the world.
Anyone can access the DAR Legal Information System online through and be a part of this innovation in the delivery of agrarian justice.