Highlights of PBD Accomplishment as of December 2012

Highlights of PBD Accomplishment as of December 2012

  • 6,499 organizations assisted (921,378 members, 54% of whom are ARBs)
  • 3.24 million ARBs were trained in organizational building and strengthening, leadership, enterprise development, farm technologies, product development and marketing, among others.
  • 59 ARC Clusters confirmed by the National ARC Task Force (NARCTF)
  • 58,073 new ARB members in organizations/cooperatives
  • 12,524 Physical Infrastructure subprojects (farm to market roads, bridges, irrigation, post-harvest facilities and others) completed from DAR’s local and foreign assisted projects and Agrarian Reform Fund (ARF)
  • 2,128 Basic Social Services or BSS subprojects (health centers, potable water supply, school building/classrooms, rural electrification and solar electricity supply) completed and provided
  • Around 550,615 ARBs benefited from credit and microfinance assistance from DAR Credit Programs and other credit and microfinance programs implemented by partner institutions.
  • Existing DAR Credit and Microfinance Programs:

            - Credit Assistance Program for Program Beneficiaries Development (CAP-PBD)
            - DAR Center for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (DAR-CARD)
            - Micro-Agri Loan Product (MALP)
            - Microfinance Innovations in Cooperative in Agrarian Reform
            - Areas (MICOOP)

  • Terminated Credit Programs:

            - DAR-LBP (5:25:70)
            - DAR-NLSF-Livelihood Credit Assistance   Program (LCA
            - DAR-TLRC-Partnership for Non-Rice Livelihood Projects
            - DAR-KMI Peasant Development Fund (PDF)
            - DAR-QUEDANCOR
            - FAPs’ credit programs(SARDIC, RASCP, WMCIP)

ARBS Credits and Microfinance Assistance