Enterprise Development for ARBs

Marketing Assistance Program (MAP)
The Marketing Assistance Program aims to hasten the development and establishment of enterprises in the ARCs. This is carried out by building and sustaining links between and among farmer entrepreneurs, cooperative producers, processors, agribusiness firms, other institutional buyers, and service providers. Development and commercialization of ARB products is supported by DAR through market information assistance, product development and enhancement, resource mobilization with partners such as DTI, LGUs etc., and support to participation in local and national trade fairs.

Village Level Processing Center Enhancement Project (VLPCEP)

The project aims to develop market competitive ARB products and enhance enterprise and livelihood activities at the community level in selected agrarian reform areas through assistance in product value-adding, improvement of facilities, and assistance in documentation and license application.

DAR-CRS Partnership Project on Linking Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries to Corporate Supply Chain
The project utilizes the eight steps in agro-enterprise clustering approach popularized by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to increase the production and income of ARBs and their household through Agricultural Extension, Marketing Assistance, and Capacity-building. DAR serves as fund provider for project implementing operations and also coordinates with concerned field offices from the LGUs and other supportive stakeholders. On the other hand, the CRS provides the counterpart fund as leverage for salaries and benefits, and spearheads the generation of necessary support from the LGUs and stakeholders. The CRS serves as the implementing agency while the DAR acts as chair of the Project Steering Committee and the Technical Working Group for the Project.

Up-Valuing Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries’ (ARBs’) Products

This project involves partnership with professional BDS provider with expertise on product design branding and marketing to extend technical support in enhancing the existing ARB products in the ARCs.  Support includes design, packaging and labeling innovations for 91 products of ARBs and rural women.

Promotion of Rural Micro Entrepreneurship through Community Retail Store Operations (PRME)

The major objectives of this project are to contribute in developing rural women as micro-entrepreneurs through the provision of management and technical support.  Through the project, a network of sari-sari stores in selected DAR-assisted communities shall be organized to create new efficient distribution channels for essential products and farm produce.