Enterprise-based Social Services Systems Development

Capacity Development (CapDev) Program for ARBs

CapDev aims to build and enhance competencies to a)ensure productive use, effective, judicious, and environmentally-responsive management of the land, as well as maintaining ownership of the awarded land; b) enable individuals and organizations within agrarian reform areas to effectively develop, manage, and expand assets and resources; c) enhance well-being, reduce vulnerabilities and increase resiliency of individual ARBs, their households, organizations, and communities; d) establish functional community-based networks of development champions; and e) develop a favorable and supportive enabling environment for social change in the agrarian reform areas.

Training Course on Social Entrepreneurship

The training course was designed for ARB leaders to assume a more active role in undertaking ARCCESS and other initiatives of developing sustainable livelihoods and enterprises and for DAR implementors to enable them to design and implement responsive PBD programs, projects and activities

PBD Lawyering (Enabling ARBs towards Sustainable Credit Access)

This involves skilling up of DAR field personnel in providing technical assistance (e.g. legal advise, technical guidance etc.) that will enable  the ARBOs to: Access credit facilities  and other  financial services from diversified sources, Capture private investments, Create opportunities for growing and/or expanding their enterprises, Enhance financial health and viability, and Strengthen their ability to manage or mitigate  risks