Credit and Microfinance Programs

DAR-LANDBANK Credit Assistance Program for Program Beneficiaries Development (CAP-PBD)

CAP-PBD is a credit program that provides credit assistance to non-bank eligible ARB cooperatives and farmers’ associations and assists them to become bank-eligible organizations. Interventions include institutional and enterprise development coupled with provision of small loans

DAR-LANDBANK Microfinance Capacity Development Program in Agrarian Reform Areas (MICROFIN_CAP@ARAs)

This program aims to provide financial access to ARBs in agrarian reform areas by linking them to well established micro-finance institutions (MFIs) and developing ARB cooperatives to become effective and efficient microfinance service providers, through the provision of capability building support and credit assistance.

Micro-Agri Loan Product (MALP) Development Program

This program aims to provide sustainable credit access by developing various micro-agri credit loans products (MALPs) channeled through bank-assisted cooperatives and countryside financial institutions (CFIs) Capacity building interventions are provided to partner conduits in undertaking market assessment, product operations review, product manual development; coaching and capacity building, pilot testing and roll out.

DAR-CARD, Inc.-Microfinance Capacity Building for Partner Cooperatives

A partnership endeavor between DAR and CARD Inc., that seeks to develop, strengthen and/or enhance capacities of selected ARB cooperatives to become microfinance service providers and provide sustainable access to financial services to ARBs and community members.

DAR-NATCCO-Microfinance Innovations in Cooperatives in Agrarian Reform Areas (MICOOP@ARAs)

This project undertaken by DAR and the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO) aims to enable selected relatively weak ARC cooperatives to provide bank-like microfinancial services to the ARBs and the whole community through the Build-Operate-Adopt-Transfer (BOAT) scheme.