Agrarian “Peace” Projects To Be Implemented In Northern Mindanao

dar web news pix 1 oct. 22 2014Italian Assistance to the Agrarian Reform Community Development Support Program (IARCDSP) Project Manager Pabil Marohomsalic recently announced that agrarian reform projects that would boost the economic lives of farmer-beneficiaries in the countryside of Northern Mindanao is in the offing.

“The IARCDSP has something to do with the confidence building and improvements to the lives of the poor people and the less developed areas. The developments in the areas and improved livelihood income, whether they are agrarian reform beneficiaries or not, will strengthen the peace process in the community," Marohomsalic said.dar web news pix 2 oct. 22 2014 

The IARCDSP, which began in February 2013, after a memorandum of agreement was signed by the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) and the Italian government,  is part of the European Union’s efforts to strengthen the Philippine government’s peace settlement in southern Philippines.

dar web news pix 3 oct. 22 2014At least 53,000 farming families are recipients of the P2.5-billion assistance from the Italian government to develop poverty-stricken rural communities in Mindanao.

“We have already started validating areas to be covered and consulted the local leaders on the immediate needs of their communities to improve their farms,” Marohomsalic said.

Marohomsalic said they are now at the pre-implementation stage of the project and is hoping that the implementation will start next year.