DAR Sec Says Rosario, Batangas Investigation Is Still On-Going

dar web news national pix 1 dec. 16 2014DAR Secretary Virgilio de los Reyes said today that his Department’s investigation of a tract of land in Rosario, Batangas is still ongoing. He clarified that DAR’s records only show names of beneficiaries of lands distributed through CARP and names of applicants of approved clearances to transfer ownership in Rosario, Batangas, and does not have sufficient information yet to make any conclusion as to who owns the Rosario farmland.dar web news national pix 2 dec. 16 2014

“The documents in our possession right now do not conclusively show that he (Vice President Binay) owns the land; in fact we cannot conclude yet who owns it,” de los Reyes said.

Secretary de los Reyes made the clarification following statements on media by Joselito Salgado, the Vice President’s spokesperson, that he had effectively said that Vice President Binay did not own the property in question.

He stressed that what the DAR is investigating are whether or not activities conducted on the Rosario property violated any agrarian reform law and who are the perpetrators, if any – who the actual owner of the property is only incidental to the issues being looked into by the agrarian reform agency.