DAR To Boost Coco Vinegar And Soy Sauce Production In Camarines Norte

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dar web news national pix 1 jan. 30 2015The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) recently turned over various equipments for vinegar and soy sauce production to Daguit Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Organization (DARBO) in Labo, Camarines Norte to boost the production and improve the quality of the said products.

Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer Ross Olayres said the equipment include an Acetator Set composed of Jacketed Kettle 40 Litters Capacity including high pressure burner, 1 drum & a 2hp compressor.  Other equipment include digital PH meter, large plastic containers and blue carbon containers, 1 unit double burner gas stove with LPG cylinder tank, large casseroles, working table, hot-air gun, seals and caps costing about two hundred thousand pesos.
“These equipments are given to the ARBOs because it has the potential and the capacity to expand their operations considering the demands for these products in the market, especially today when most consumers are becoming health-conscious,” Olayres said.dar web news national pix 2 jan. 30 2015

Olayres said the all-natural coco vinegar and soy sauce are among the DARBO’s products commended by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Review Mission during its visit in Camarines Norte in 2014. 

Target-setting and planning by the (DAR) and Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) resulted in the need to enhance coco vinegar production, wherein its main raw materials –  the coco water – are in abundance in the province. 

dar web news national pix 3 jan. 30 2015 “The DAR  finds  no  reason for the  ARBO-recipient  to  slacken off the production and halt  their micro  enterprise venture  considering further that even a  sack  of sugar and 30 liters  mother vinegar have been  provided  to the organization to instantly  produce quality  all-natural vinegar and soy sauce,” Olayres said.

 Before the delivery of said equipments, the DAR in partnership with DTI conducted various  technology  trainings for the ARBs such as the recently held “Learning Expedition for Coco Vinegar  and Coco Toyo”  training.  The training taught ARB-vinegar producers the actual utilization of the  acetator set, showed  them the latest farming innovations for coconut, and equipped them with  the  know-how to produce  various coconut by-products. 

The ARBOs also undergone “Skills Upgrading and Exposure” training to backstop the initial production of coco vinegar and soy sauce, using the equipment provided by the office,  and to maximize the use of coconut to increase household income and generate jobs for local residents.