Php 10.3 Million Common Service Facilities For Zamboanga Farmers

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news national pix 1 sept. 23 2015The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) has recently distributed nine heavy tractors worth Php 10, 277,280.00 to agrarian reform beneficiaries organizations (ARBOs) in the Provinces of Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur.

Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer II Mohammad Dassan J. Adju said four heavy tractors were distributed to Guinles Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (GUIFAMUCO) in Polanco, S. Cabral Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association (SCARBAS) in Siocon, A.L Micubo Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association (ALMARBAS) in Siocon and Siari Valley Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Multi-Purpose Cooperative (SVARBEMCO) in Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte and the five others were allocated for ARBOs in Zamboanga del Sur.

news national pix 2 sept. 23 2015


He said that it is DAR’s mandate to make sure that the productivity of every agrarian reform beneficiaries is enhanced.

Adju added that with the aid of the farming machines provided by DAR it would make an impact to the lives of the farmer beneficiaries.

Earlier Zamboanga del Norte received six hand tractors amounting to P1,050,000.00, three  of them were handed-out to A.L Micubo Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association (ALMARBAS), and another three to S. Cabral Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association (SCARBAS). Guinles Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (GUIFAMUCO) was also a recipient of one floating tiller amounting to P 70,500.00. 

news national pix 3 sept. 23 2015The farm equipment are being provided to ARBOs under Agrarian Reform Community Connectivity and Economic Support Services (ARCCESS). The ARBO - recipients were identified through series of processes conducted by the DAR.

Through ARCCESS, DAR also introduces new farming technology to the farmer beneficiaries to increase their farm yield. 

Gracing the activity during the delivery and initial turn-over of CSFs from the supplier to DAR were Regional Inspectorate Team Raul M. Flores and Engr. Florenda Dimapaylo and Provincial Inspectorate Team Samuel Andrew A. Baliton and Iluminada D. Aradji. (Ma. Socorro C. Reambonanza)