Agri-Koop For Farmer-Beneficiaries

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news national 2 pix 1 sept. 24 2015The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), represented by Undersecretary for Support Services Rosalina Bistoyong together with representatives from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and civil society organizations (CSOs), recently visited the Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative (SIDC) in Batangas City to know the story behind the cooperative’s success. 

The reason for the visit is for the project called “Agri Koop,” a cooperative establishment project of the DAR, Department of Agriculture, IFAD and CSOs. 

“Agri Koop” is a cooperative establishment project of the DAR, DA, IFAD and CSOs conceptualized during the celebration of the 2014 International Year of Family Farming. The project aims to put-up cooperatives where small-holder farmers can avail of support services like farmers’ trainings, access to credit and loans, access to farm inputs like seeds and fertilizers, use of farm machineries and access to livelihood projects.

news national 2 pix 2 sept. 24 2015“Farmers who are affiliated with agri-cooperatives get more support services and are able to produce more in the farm and for their families. These cooperatives are also able to defend and promote their interests. If the area does not have an existing organization, we urge them to establish an organization in their area,” said Bistoyong. 

To encourage farmers to establish their own cooperative, a model cooperative is needed to inspire them to take the challenge. And we think that SIDC is a shining example of what a thriving agri-cooperative can do to uplift the lives of its members,” added Bistoyong.

news nationa 2 pix 3 sept. 24 2015Since its establishment in 1969, SIDC has been fruitful as manifested by its growing membership and affiliation, strong linkages, increasing assets and income, expanding businesses, optimum services and effective workforce. In more than 43 years, the organization has proven to be a prime mover of development in the community by providing its members with humble means of livelihood.

The business activities of SIDC are feed milling, contract-growing, savings and loans, member-savings, co-op mart operation, hog selling, artificial insemination center, piggery farm, cable television, rice milling, meat shop, gas station, communal farm, water refilling station and organic farming.

The CSOs actively involved in the Agri-Koop project are AsiaDHRRA, PAKISAMA, PhilDHRRA, AFA, ANGOC and We Effect. (Pinky Roque)

Photo 1:
Undersecretary Rosalina Bistoyong (center) in a meeting with the IFAD country manager Yolando Arban and the rest of the representatives of various CSOs after their visit to CIDC.

Photo 2: 
The visitors of SIDC headed by International Food and Agriculture Organization (IFAD) Country Manager Yolando Arban (center) and DAR Undersecretary Rosalina Bistoyong (not in photo) together with representatives from civil society organizationnamely AsiaDHRRA, PAKISAMA, PhilDHRRA, AFA, ANGOC and We Effect.

Photo 3: 
Building facade of the Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative (SIDC) in Batangas City.