DAR conducts Strategic Planning for 2017 – 2022: Ka Paeng calls for the implementation of GAR

news national 1 pix 1 sept. 28 2016Secretary Rafael ‘Ka Paeng’ Mariano led the assessment of the previous administration’s accomplishments on agrarian reform to assist DAR Directors in crafting the new vision, mission and core values of the department. 

“The mission, vision and core values will be our guide in fulfilling our work in the department. And should the genuine agrarian reform program be enacted, these shall also be our guide in implementing it in the next six years,” Ka Paeng said.

Ka Paeng called on his central and Regional Directors to strategize on how to improve the implementation of agrarian reform program in the country. 

news national 1 pix 2 sept. 28 2016During the plenary and focus group discussion, the participants were able to identify the internal and external drivers and barriers of the DAR, which either helped or hindered in the achievements of its targets. 

The DAR Directors also identified opportunities for improvements to further enhance the implementation of the DAR’s major final outputs, support to operations projects, priority programs and management accountability.

At the strategic planning, Mariano shared with the DAR his thrusts and policy directives to the participants.

“The department’s priority thrusts and policy direction is geared towards protecting and ensuring the security of tenure of the farmer-beneficiaries of the program,” Mariano said.

Mariano stressed that DAR should lead in the breaking up of control and monopoly of agricultural lands of the few landowners and foreign corporations to put an end to feudal and semi-feudal exploitations of the farmers.

news national 1 pix 3 sept. 28 2016The DAR, at present, has drafted a law intended to push for the genuine agrarian reform program, which include among others the distribution of agricultural lands for free, or at very least cost, to the farmers. Its salient features also include the provision of social and historical justice to farmers, provision of support services, strengthening of the spirit of cooperativism to create productivity, increase farmer’s income and transform them into vibrant and efficient producers.

For his final message, the Secretary directed the DAR managers to implement agrarian reform laws to aid in farmer’s rights and welfare. 

The strategic planning was conducted on September 19-21 at the Punta Villa Resort in Iloilo City. (Rosemarie S. Lomibao)

Photo 1: The Regional Directors with Ka Paeng (left) during one of the workshops.

Photo 2: Secretary Rafael Mariano briefs the officials from the central and regional offices on the new thrusts and policy directions of the department. 

Photo 3: DAR participants from the central and regional offices.