DAR Begins Distribution Of Titles To Hacienda Luisita Farmworkers

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dar web news pix 1 oct. 1 2013The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) started yesterday distributing certified true copies of the titles over the land awarded to the farmworker-beneficiaries of Hacienda Luisita. Almost 600 farmworker-beneficiaries (FWBs) in Barangay Pando were awarded their Certificate of Land Ownership Award (CLOAs), the land title given to agrarian reform beneficiaries in a short ceremony in the barangay covered court of Brgy. Pando.

DAR Secretary Virgilio de los Reyes said that the entire distribution process will take three weeks because of the number of FWBs who will be awarded lots.

He added that these FWBs are those who have already fulfilled the requirements for their CLOAs to be registered in the Register of Deeds of the province.

“Even if we have started to distribute the CLOAs, we are still processing the CLOAs of those who have just recently sworn and filed their Applications to Purchase and Farmers Undertaking (APFUs) which is required of every beneficiary,” de los Reyes said, “Our field facilitators have been working with these FWBs who have just recently come forward to claim their lot allocations in order to expedite the process.”
dar web news pix 2 oct. 1 2013
The CLOAs of some 5,800 of the 6,212 beneficiaries have already been registered with the Register of Deeds; more are expected to be registered as beneficiaries come forward to claim their Lot Allocation Certificates and sign their APFUs.

Under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law, agrarian reform beneficiaries will have to pay for their CARP-awarded land within a period of 30 years. But De los Reyes said that the amount that beneficiaries will pay is affordable. He clarified that amortization payment is NOT PhP 70,000 per year. “Actually the total amount that the beneficiaries will pay for their land over a period of 30 years will be more or less PhP75,000.00“, De los Reyes said.

“For the first three years, Hacienda Luisita beneficiaries will pay only PhP 730 per year or about PhP61.00 per month. For the 4th and 5th year, they will pay more or less PhP 1,410.00 per year or PhP 118.00 per month. And from the 6th to the 30th year, they will pay more or less PhP 2,770 per year or PhP 230.00 per month”, he added.

What comes next is the setting of the boundaries for the farm lot of each beneficiary by putting monuments or boundary stones (muhon) as soon as the land has been cleared of standing crop. He explained that as of this moment, monumenting could not be as yet because many of the fields are still planted with sugarcane and it would be impossible to set the ‘muhons’. He said that they will be able to do this once harvesting commences within the next few weeks.

De los Reyes assured the beneficiaries of the Department’s support in their transition to being owner-cultivators.

DAR gave the following schedule for the next CLOA distribution: October 1 - Motrico; October 2 –Lourdes; October 8 – Parang; October 9 – Mabilog; October 10 – Bantog; October 15 – Cutcut; October 16 – Asturias; October 17 – Balete; andOctober 18 – Mapalacsiao.