Don't Be A Victim

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news national 2 pix 1 march 21 2018QUEZON CITY (March 20, 2018)—Police Inspector Elenita Sandoval speaks before the women (and men) of the department on what to do and where to go when women and children are abused in the home or in the streets.

In her short but very informative talk, Sandoval enumerated and explained the laws protecting women and children and cited different circumstances of violence and abuse on women and children.

news national 2 pix 2 march 21 2018“More than knowing what to do when you are being abused or violated, it is more important that you don’t become a victim of crimes against women,” Sandoval said.

Inspector Sandoval is a police inspector in Camp Crame. She specializes and handles the Camp Crame’s women and children protection.


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