DAR trains 696 ARBOs on business and financial management

news national 1 pix 1 july 28 2018Farmers belonging to 696 agrarian reform beneficiaries’ organizations (ARBOs) in Region III are now able to manage their organization’s agri-businesses after the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) conducted various trainings on business and financial management. 

DAR Regional Director Homer Tobias reported this during the department’s 2018 mid-year performance review and planning session in Tagaytay City.

Tobias said these trainings were conducted to help ARBOs improve their organizations’ financial performance and sustainability of their businesses.

“These trainings were able to instill in them credit discipline and financial management. We have instructed them on how to save, pay loans on time and to better handle their finances and run their agri-businesses smoothly,” Tobias said.

The ARBOs were trained on: basic entrepreneurship, business and financial management, conflict management and risk management.

The DAR’s performance review and planning session was conducted to resolve and address problems in implementing agrarian reform for the year.  

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