Farmers To Benefit From DAR’s Potable Water System

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dar web news pix dec. 16 2013 400Good news to farmers and residents of Barangay Baga-as, Hinigaran town in Negros Occidental. They will soon have access to potable water through the Department of Agrarian Reform’s (DAR) potable water sanitation project.

DAR, in partnership with the Philippine Center for Water and Sanitation (PCWS), recently signed an agreement with Hinigaran municipal government and the Baga-as Agrarian Reform Association (BARA) for the installation of potable water system in Barangay Bag-as where residents are mostly families of agrarian reform beneficiaries.

“This is the pilot site for Negros Occidental and we will install in our agrarian reform community here a low-cost water technology and sanitation system to address the need for potable water in the area,” DAR Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer Lucrecia Taberna said.
Dubbed as the Community-managed Potable Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (CP-WASH), the project aims to train members of farmer organizations on how to construct, operate, manage and maintain low-cost potable water and sanitation system that can be sustained by the community in the long run.

According to Taberna, the CP-WASH consists of biogas iron removal filter to improve water quality and bio-sand filter to remove water impurities. This low-cost, indigenous-based materials and pro-poor technology seeks to improve potable water supply.

BARA Chairman Lemuel Erecilla said that their children always complain of stomach problem after drinking tap water.

Studies made by DAR showed that CP-WASH eliminates iron and bacteria present in most water-wells in the rural areas. “We found out that E.Coli, diarrhea, amoebiasis and dysentery are among common illnesses of farming folks that lack access to potable drinking water. The installation of CP-WASH and teaching the residents of proper hygiene and sanitation will help improve rural health,” said Taberna.

“The transfer of technology will help members of the Baga-as Agrarian Reform Association and the LGU of Hinigaran replicate the project to other barangays that are lacking in potable water supply,” added Taberna.

The CP-WASH implementation in Baga-as will commence on January 6, 2014 and will end in six to eight months.

The CP-WASH project started in 2007 and has since been implemented in 59 provinces in the country with three provinces from Western Visayas including Capiz and Aklan.