Fuel Wood Project To Be Established In ComVal

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dar web news pix 1 feb. 4 2014 400The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Environment and Natural Resource (DENR) in Davao, Region 11 recently entered into a tri-partite agreement to establish a 50-hectare fuel wood project in Pantukan, Compostela Valley to provide livelihood opportunities to farmer beneficiaries (FBs) and to address concerns on wanton cutting of trees for fuel consumption.

The Fuel Wood Production and Livelihood Project in Agrarian Reform Areas calls for the development of 50 hectares of public lands for fuel wood purposes and other high value commercial crops within the agrarian reform community. Target sites for development will be the stream and river banks and other public lands. 


dar web news pix 2 feb. 4 2014 400Under the project, the ARAIBO Agrarian Reform Multi-Purpose Cooperative, will be responsible for the establishment of a nursery where they will raise around 83,350 seedlings of various fuel wood tree species. These will be planted in a 50-hectare area. The cooperative will be paid P3.60 per seedling or around P300,000. To ensure the trees’ survival, maintenance and protection activities such as weeding, cultivation and seedling replacement for the first two months shall be carried out by the members of the cooperative.

As project partner, DENR shall assist the provincial officers of DAR and DA in the identification of sites, survey and mapping, establishment of the nursery and in the if necessary, on maintenance activities. The DA on the other hand will provide additional seedlings of high-value crops to be given to the ARBs.