Abad Did Not Ask DAR To Accommodate Senators -– De Los Reyes

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dar web news 3 pix feb. 24 2014
Agrarian Secretary Virgilio de los Reyes today categorically denied that DBM Secretary Florencio Abad asked him to accommodate the requests of several senators for the release of their funds from the DAP.

He clarified earlier news reports that quoted him as saying that Secretary Abad asked him to accommodate the requests of several senators to course their DAP funds through his department to NGOs later identified with Janet Napoles.

Secretary de los Reyes was reported in news reports to have allegedly pointed to DBM Secretary Abad as having intervened for the senators to have their DAP funds channeled through DAR and released to NGOs that they named and which were later identified as being conduits in the fund scam allegedly masterminded by Janet Napoles.

He said that contrary to what was reported, it was in fact Secretary Abad who questioned why the funds were being channeled to DAR when the DBM had just approved the release of funds for the Agrarian Reform Community Connectivity and Economic Support Service (ARCCESS).

It was in fact due to this query of Secretary Abad that DAR insisted that regardless of the source of funds, these would all go through the regular processes, which he described as project proposals and the guidelines set in the procurement law.

These projects would also be subject to evaluation and assessment to ascertain the actual need of the project beneficiary and the viability of the project.

“I have always insisted that all the funds that pass through our office should follow the regular processes and subject to evaluation and bidding."