DAR Constructs Mountain Road For Catanduanes Farmers

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dar web news pix 1 march 12 2014 400THE DAYS of river crossing will soon be gone. This is a big sigh of relief from residents, especially to the farmer beneficiaries of Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) of Barangay San Isidro as Agrarian Reform Regional Director Luis Bueno Jr. along with San isidro Mayor Peter Cua, led the ground breaking rite that marks the start of the construction of the 2.8-kilometer road that would connect Barangays Mayngaway, San Isidro and Sitio Calomagon in San Andres town.
According to Bueno, the P16-million farm-to-market road will be completed in 150 calendar days.
“This road will be a big help for residents and farmers, most of whom are agrarian reform beneficiaries of CARP. After construction [of the road] they will no longer cross small river tributaries to get from San Isidro to Mayngaway and Calamagon,” said Bueno.
dar web news pix 2 march 12 2014San Andres lies in one of the rugged mountains of Catanduanes. It is surrounded by Mayngaway River which breaks into small tributaries that spread throughout San Andres town.
“Here in Barangay San Isidro, farmers and residents have to cross six or more of these small tributaries to get to the next barangay or town,” explains Bueno.
Bueno further explains that during summer, water in these tributaries is ankle-deep up to mid-calf. But during the rainy season, the river swells and water level reaches knee-deep up to an adult person’s waist.
“The road that the DAR is constructing is situated along the mountain but above these tributaries. This road will save time, money and even save their lives because waters in these tributaries are dangerous during typhoon season, especially to school children,” Bueno said.
San Andres Mayor Peter Cua promised his constituents that when the road is completed his office will sponsor free vehicle ride to and from the area everyday to help ease their transportation fare, especially the students.
Bueno also pointed out that the completion of this mountain road will pave the way for the provision of other basic services like health, technology, transportation and education assistance to the rural barangays of San Andres.