DAR to assist in the clearing operation of Yolanda-hit area

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dar web news 2 pix 1 feb. 24 2014 400The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) said today that it is coordinating with the DA and the PCA in the clearing operations of areas hit by Typhoon Yolanda.

Secretary Virgilio de los Reyes said that he met with the regional officials of the DAR, DA, and PCA last Monday in Tacloban to discuss areas where the DAR can help in the clearing operations of the two other agencies.

“I understand that areas where there are agrarian reform beneficiaries, such as our agrarian reform communities, have yet to be cleared of debris, like felled coconut trees. The DAR is coordinating with DA and PCA in order to clear these debris. The DAR can provide, among others, equipments, such as tractors, to help in clearing these areas.” said de los Reyes.

The DAR chief acknowledged that the agrarian reform agency is procuring tractors, which are intended to assist in the operation of the government in clearing fallen trees in Yolanda-struck areas, under the negotiated mode of procurement. The mode of procurement is selected pursuant to GPPB Resolution No. 34-2013 which allows government agency to use the same for purposes of rehabilitation in areas affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

The Secretary said that the DAR is coordinating with the DA and the PCA in drawing up the plans for the clearing operation.

“As soon as the DAR receives a report as to what type of tractor is needed in the clearing, it will proceed with the procurement of the tractors.” said de los Reyes. The report is expected to be included in the operation plan being coordinated and drawn up by DA, PCA, and DAR.

De los Reyes further added that he has received word from DAR’s Tacloban office that the regional officials of DAR, DA, and PCA have already inked their joint report on the plans for the clearing operation yesterday and is now just being transmitted to Manila.