P2.67-M Farmers’ Center Opened

pic3aug4The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) recently turned over the P2.67-million municipal Agrarian Information and Marketing Center (AIMC) to the cluster of people’s organization of RTR, Agusan del Norte.

The center aims to develop, promote and market products of agrarian reform communities through trading, selling and training seminars.

DAR Regional Director Faisar Mambuay said that the 36-square meter building will serve as the farmer’s one-stop market and training center. “The idea is patterned after the success of the AIMC in Butuan City which is run by the Federation of Agrarian Reform Communities Cooperatives (FEDARRCO) of Agusan Norte and Butuan City,” Mambuay further averred.

RTR Mayor Ernie Ceniza thanked the government for the support it gave to the farmers of the municipality. 

In a message through a representative, Agusan Norte Governor Maria Angelica Rosedell Amante-Matba vowed for the provincial office’s support to the agrarian reform efforts in the province.

Meanwhile, the farmers are happy for the training center. “The wait is not in vain. We look forward to learning a lot in developing our agri products and marketing them,” says Marivic Virtudazo, a farmer and leader of the recipient- cluster of organizations.pic4aug4