DAR issues new guidelines on cancellation of EP and CLOA with erroneous technical description

sec gilThe Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) has issued new guidelines on cancellation of Emancipation Patents (EP) and Certificates of Landownership Award (CLOAs) for purposes of correcting erroneous technical description through Administrative Order No. 06, Series of 2014.

Secretary Virgilio De Los Reyes said these rules apply to landholdings awarded by the DAR where the technical description provided in the EP or CLOA is erroneous and to those EPs or CLOAs that require cancellation to be corrected due to erroneous survey returns and those which need survey adjustment. 

De Los Reyes said however, that the ordinary rules on the cancellation of EPs or CLOAs apply whenever there is an issue on the identification of the agrarian reform beneficiary or the correctness of the coverage of the landholdings.

He noted that these rules will not apply to the cancellation of EPs or CLOAs that will result in the increase or decrease in the number or change of beneficiaries.

De Los Reyes said that the Provincial Agrarian Reform Office will make an initial determination and verification whether or not the technical description is erroneous and will attach pertinent documents that will serve as the basis of the correction of the entry such as approved survey plans certified by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources or the Land Registration Authority.

Delos Reyes added that the PARPO will explain to the beneficiary named in the erroneous EP or CLOA the error in his title and the correct entry. If any one of the beneficiaries affected refuses to sign, the proper remedy is to file an ordinary cancellation case.
De Los Reyes further said that whenever the beneficiary named in the EP or CLOA to be cancelled is already dead, the new EP or CLOA be issued in the name of the "The Heirs of the deceased beneficiary".