Lanao del Norte ARC 40th CPWASH project beneficiary

web cpwash01EFFORTS to promote healthy lifestyle in remote villages are gaining more grounds as another agrarian reform community (ARC) in Lanao del Norte became the latest recipient of the so-called community-managed potable water supply sanitation and hygiene (CPWASH), the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) said yesterday.

Lanao del Norte provincial agrarian reform program officer 1 Alibasa Andig said members of the Macatin-ao ARC hailed the CPWASH project as it would spare them from being afflicted with water-borne diseases. The project is made up of two rain water collectors, three iron removal filters, four bio-sand filters and one biogas digester.

Andig said there are about 200 households in the ARC, 132 of whom are families of agrarian reform beneficiaries, who would benefit from the P160,000-worth project.

The DAR-Bureau of Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries’ Development (BARBD) said the Macatin-ao ARC is the 40th recipient of the said project, which the DAR is promoting to provide far-flung villages with low-cost supply of potable water.

Part and parcel of the project is the biogas digester, a sanitation facility that is capable of converting animal and human wastes into cooking gas similar to the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) - an end product that is viewed as a come on for far-flung villagers to put up their own comfort rooms with the digester serving as septic tank.

Besides the Macantin-ao ARC, BARBD said 45 rain water collectors, 289 iron removal filters, 282 bio-sand filters and 131 biogas digesters have already been established in 39 ARCs nationwide.web cpwash02

As a bonus of sort, local villagers were hired as project construction workers, giving them hands-on training which they could use in putting up similar project in their village and nearby communities on their own, thus, providing them the opportunity to earn additional income.

During the turnover ceremony, Baroy Municipal Mayor Rosa Olaffson expressed her appreciation to the DAR for choosing Barangay Maliwanag as the pilot site of the project.

Chief Agrarian Reform Program Officer Alex Lomondot reminded the members of the cooperative to properly maintain the facilities so it would continue providing them safe drinking water.

CPWASH was conceptualized by the Department of Agrarian Reform to install low-cost water supply technology and sanitation systems for safe, clean and potable water supply for farmers and their families in the community.