Notices of Coverage (NOCs) are issued for CARP-covered private agricultural lands under Compulsory Acquisition that still form part of the Land Acquisition and Distribution (LAD) CARPER Balance. Once the NOCs  have been served/issued to landowners, DAR can initiate the land acquisition and distribution process.

Registered landowners as of June 15, 1988, as stated in the certified copy of Title or, in case of untitled private agricultural land, the owners stated in the Tax Declaration are notified that their landholdings are covered under the agrarian reform program through Personal Service ,Substituted Service and Service by Publication in a newspaper of general circulation, (DAR Administrative Order No. 7, S. of 2011, as amended). Service of Notice of Coverage through registered mail was also adopted under DAR A.O. No. 2, S. of 2009. However, this mode of service has been removed and is no longer available under the present guidelines.

Successor/s or transferee/s of the agricultural land after June 15, 1988, or persons/entities to whom the landholding is registered at the time the NOC was issued are furnished a copy of the NOC.

Private agricultural lands under Voluntary Offer to Sell (VOS) and Operation Land Transfer/P.D. 27, including government owned lands and foreclosed lands of government financial institutions which are  subject of coverage under CARP are not issued with NOCs.


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