2015 Meet Up for Web Content Coordinators

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CVWeb Content Coordinators from the central office and the different regions gathered for their annual meet up last October 20-23, 2015 at Brentwood Suites, Quezon City. The focus of the gathering is to discuss, among others, their roles and responsibilities as partners in the development and implementation of information and communication requirements related to DAR’s transition process.

Public Assistance and Media Relations Service (PAMRS) Director Erlinda Manluctao jump started the activity with a discussion on the Department’s planned massive information campaign for the transition process.

Relative to this, a workshop was conducted to come up with an output on the following: Perceptions of DAR Stakeholders (ARBs, Media and LGUs) on DAR and its programs; Recommended Key Result Areas on DAR’s Major Final Outputs (MFOs); Communication Objectives; DAR Core Message; Campaign Strategies; and Campaign Brand.
The rest of the activity revolved on enhancement sessions on scriptwriting, audio video production, layouting and other computer applications. These sessions aimed to provide the participants with supplementary skills as DAR Web Content Coordinators.

Like all previous meet ups, the group revisited and updated the contents of the DAR Website to comply with the latest requirements specifically for the different Regional Page and Transparency Seal.

As a wrap up, everybody agreed that while the most effective communicator during a transition process is top management, the DAR Web Content Coordinators have an equally valuable role in creating and sending messages on what stakeholders should know, thereby increasing the level of awareness on the Department’s change process.