DAR Central: Positive to be ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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DAR-LogoAfter the conclusion of the Stage 1 audit on November last year, the DAR management and its employees addressed observations noted by external auditors to prepare for the Stage 2 audit. The final audit, which was held from December 14 to 16, 2015, was the last phase of the audit activities of the DAR central office.

Compared to the Stage 1 audit which was primarily a desk audit of documents and processes, the Stage 2 audit involved a thorough review of DAR’s Quality Management System (QMS) for the purpose of evaluating the effective implementation of DAR’s QMS and to identify areas for potential improvement.

In this regard, external auditors visited concerned offices –PARC, DARAB, BALA, BLTI, LS, FMS, MISS, AS, ARCDS, BARBD, PAMRS, and PPS. They interviewed the process owners and evaluated process adherence to the procedures and whether they conform with the requirements and objectives of the ISO QMS Manual. The auditors also assessed workplace condition/s to determine physical readiness and verified DAR personnel awareness to DAR Quality Policy and Objectives. After the three-day audit, the external auditors provided a summary of their findings.

To finalize the application for an ISO 9001:2008, DAR is currently working on completing the corrective and preventive action requests (CPAR) and the presentation of evidences as concrete steps to the observations contained in the audit summary. Once the CPAR and the evidences are complete, the DAR central office will be endorsed internationally to the international organization for standardization by the Guardian Independent Certification (GIC) International Compliance Assessors Incorporated to be ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Said final audit was conducted by GIC external auditors Mr. Norlito M. Suelo, Elsa G. Purificacion, Jayme C. Ignacio, and Arnold Z. David.