DAR to Craft and Strengthen Agrarian Reform Key Messages

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DAR-LogoThe Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), through the Agrarian Reform Capacity Development Service (ARCDS) and Public Assistance and Media Relations Service (PAMRS), in cooperation with the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) and the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), are currently conducting the “Provincial Focused Group Discussion (FGD) for Farmer Beneficiaries on Crafting and Strengthening Agrarian Reform Key Messages” from February 19 to April 09, 2016 in 41 provinces across the country. The FGD focuses on the generation and collection of data which will be utilized to craft agrarian reform key messages.

The FGD is being conducted to document the experiences of farmer beneficiaries and to ensure that farmers are on top of DAR’s priority concerns with regard to agrarian reform. Specifically, it intends to ascertain the following from the farmer beneficiaries: a) Benefits and gains they presently enjoy; b) “Gaps” in government assistance that they may have experienced as a result of the agrarian reform (AR); c) How AR should be continued or sustained; d) How they want the government to support such efforts; e) Role they wish to play in order for it to happen; and d) Role of other stakeholders such as investors, NGOs, CSOs, etc.

FGD participants were selected using the following segmentation: a) Farmers who have been extended DAR assistance – formal and informal leaders; b) Farmers who are about to be extended DAR assistance; c) Second generation farmers, according to crops grown; d) Gender groups/Indigenous groups; and e) Farmers who want to benefit from AR programs but are unable to for a variety of reasons.

The crafted key messages will then be disseminated through various media platforms or communication channels for the targeted AR audiences.