Orientation on DAR Retirement Program

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Last July 16, 2013, the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) conducted "Orientation on DAR Retirement Program and Procedures" for the Department's employees held at DAR HRD Center. The orientation program aims to familiarize the employee with the retirement programs and procedures which highlighted on the separation benefits they can get from the Department once they retire.

Director Susana R. Serrano of DAR Bureau of Agrarian Reform Information and Education (BARIE) started the activity – "What Is There To Celebrate?" by encouraging the employees to reminisce their memorable experiences and what they have contributed as employees of the department. The employees shared their experiences after lunch with enthusiasm. One employee recalled that the most memorable moment he has done is by being a part of the growth and development that the department shares to its stakeholders particularly the farmers.

CARPO Alma Pamittan of Personnel Division gave an overview to possibilities as to what kind of lifestyle a retired employee may pursue. She emphasized that retirement is not an end but a celebration of a new chapter of their life as retired employees of the department. Also, retirement is explained as a chance to set their lives to a new context and perspective.

The third phase of the orientation was focused on the benefits that retired employees particularly the Retirement Gratuity under RA no. 8291 may enjoy when he/she decides to retire from work. The employees were given handouts to fully understand in detail, the options, procedures, and requirements that a retired employee should know.

Furthermore, after the discussion Assistant Secretary Dennis N. Barrantes also entertained questions from the employees that paved way to clear other queries, enlighten them of the limitations and other clarifications regarding the retirement program.

The employees were delighted about the event because not only it gave them the knowledge about the retirement program offered by the department but it also gave them the time to reminisce their contributions to the department.