Basic Beadworks and Novelty Item Training

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beadworks and novelty itemsLast August 2, 2013, the employees coming from the different divisions had livelihood training on Basic Beadworks and Novelty Items using Recycled Materials. The Bureau of Agrarian Reform Information and Education (BARIE) is now on its third week of implementing the project.

The basic beadworks focused on the different tools, materials and hands-on in making of bracelet, necklace and earrings. While the novelty items using Recycled materials training focused on the demo on papermaking and starching and even a practical hands-on in making of picture frames and paper bags.

The speakers are from Negoskwela Livelihood and Technology Training Center. Erlinda N. Binanitan, the speaker for the Basic Beadworks shared that 7 of her former students became millionaires when they decided to venture to such endeavour. Binanitan also puts forward that beadworks may not only be a source of livelihood but also a therapeutic hobby. In addition, the speaker posits that bead products are good for export, knowing the right tools, threads and materials one can make it as a business. The speaker said that most of the common misconception about beadworks is that it is solely focused on threading, but the speaker points out that one should know not only threading but also the color of the beads, how to measure the length of the accessories, the different body type of possible users of the product and most importantly, knowing the trend in making accessories. Binanitan also shared practical tips on where to buy the tools and materials at affordable price and also the do's and don'ts when making the bead pieces.

Virgil C. Quiblat, the resource speaker for the Novelty Items Making taught the employees as to how they can recycle materials and use to make novelty items such as picture frame, paper bag, and photo album. Quiblat points out that recycled items are not only business wise but also good for the environment. With creativity, one can create a piece using recycled items. Furthermore, the speaker shared that their center exports novelty items outside the country. Negoskwela make sure that the novelty items are in good quality and passed their standards because each item represents not only their company's reputation but the country as well.

Both trainings ended with practical hands on to ensure that the participants learned and can do their own beadworks and novelty items on their own.