4th Annual HAPPY Family Day for DAR Employees

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1911902 10202455702328388 1894054715 nFamily day is a positive life-affirming event especially for the children and through the Department of Agrarian Reform Employees Association, Administrative Service, Medical Unit, and Environmental Management Program, the DAR HAPPY Family Day was a success. Conducted last February 11, 2014 at DAR Gymnasium, the employees with their families celebrated the 4th HAPPY Family Day which stands for Health Awareness Program for DAR Personnel Year 2014.
 The half day activity started at 7:00 am with Director of Administrative Service, Rene E. Colocar giving the opening remarks. The highlight during the event was the free Medical and Dental Services, Blood Letting Donation Program and fun activities for the Kids.
Various Medical Health Specialists from the different sponsors gathered to provide free check up and consultation for the DAR Employees. Some of the specialists present during the event were Pulmonologists, Internal Medicine, OB-Gyne, ENT, Plastic Surgeon, and a lot more. The employees were given the chance to have on the spot results from the different analysis and screen test like Bone Screening, Fat Analysis, Urinalysis, and others.  There were also free medicines, kit and toothpaste given to the Employees during the event.
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The kids also enjoyed the Fun games as well as the lecture on Importance of Prayer, Proper Tooth Brushing and more.  Aside from the free Medical and Dental Services, some employees also enjoyed the Thai Massage Therapy, Facial Cleansing, Makeup Tutorial and other Spa Services for free.   
The event was successful for it opens the idea of wellness should be a priority in the family and should not be taken for granted.