MPM-RD Scholars before, Now Graduates and Leaders of Tomorrow

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gradpic 5Sixty eight (68) scholars are now officially degree holders of Master in Public Management Major in Rural Development, a customized master’s level graduate course for the three line agencies - Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), and Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) which comprises the National Convergence Initiative (NCI), with the Development Academy (DAP) at the helm, and the University of the Philippines (UP), Ateneo School of Government (ASoG), and Xavier University as partners. After the 18 months course, they are now transformative leaders, expected to share their new knowledge, skills, and experience in sustainable rural development.
One of the requirements for the scholars to graduate is to make their Action Plan and Project or APP. Using a scale of 1-4, with 4 as the highest grade, students who received a rating of 3.5 or higher by the panelists qualify as nominees for the Best Action Plan and Project.
For this year the APP entitled, “Mind-setting Farmers towards Corporate Operational Management of Crop-based Productions Activities in the City of Balanga and Municipality of Dinalupihan” by Mr. Neil Pedralvez, Mr. Benedick de Mesa, and Mr. William Arceo received the Bronze award with a grade of 3.5.
The APP of scholars: Ms. Christina Amance, Ms. Marcelina Espos, and Mr. Tomas Martinez entitled, “Participatory Planning Approach for the Development of an Indicative Community based Ecotourism Plan Framework for Lake Bito Protected Landscape in MacArthur” also received a grade of 3.5 and the Silver Award.
Mr. Manuel Nebreja received the Silver award with a grade of 3.5 entitled, “Toward Rural Development through Establishment of Knowledge Management System, Barangay System and Information of Convergence and Development (Basic-Dev), Using San Isidro-Pacol-Cararayan ARC Pilot Models.”
As for the Gold award, the APP of scholars Ms. Hazel Alforja, Mr. Gilbert Apilado, and Mr. Renato Badilla entitled, “Assessing the Compliance of the Municipality of Salcedo, Eastern Samar to the CLUP Allocation for Agriculture and Forestry” garnered the highest rating with a grade of 4.0.
They also gave a special award for leadership, selected through a students’ poll for the scholar who has shown distinct leadership characteristics throughout the MPM Program. The recipient of this award was Mr. Rizzel Villanueva, for demonstrating leadership qualities, proactively participating in class activities, serving as organizer of class support, and facilitating information dissemination in close coordination with DAP’s Institute of Public Management.
The full list of the successful graduates of the pioneer batch of MPM-RD scholars are as follows:
  1. Abayon, Winnielyn T.
  2. Alforja, Hazel Ann L.
  3. Almasco, Eugenia W.
  4. Amance, Cristina S.
  5. Apilado, Gilberto A.
  6. Arcega, Loida S.
  7. Arceo, William M.
  8. Babatid, Merlina T.
  9. Badilla, Renato G.
  10. Balaguer, Alejo N.
  11. Balberde, Jose M.
  12. Beo, Nemia P.
  13. Berbon, Myrna F.
  14. Bernal, Belen J.
  15. Buendia, Edsel A.
  16. Cabrera, Roselle O.
  17. Cadete, Stephen H.
  18. Canabe, Ronaldo A.
  19. Conrado, Leonila T.
  20. Cordova, Edgar C.
  21. Danglose, Frank Vincent D.
  22. Dañez, Ana A.
  23. De Dios, Don Reich S.
  24. De Mesa, Benedick C.
  25. Deomampo, Lito V.
  26. Domagtoy, Johndom B.
  27. Dulay, Jennifer F.
  28. Eleazar, Ken Ryan P.
  29. Enolpe, Luisa Loida B.
  30. Ernacio, Lourdes M.
  31. Espos, Marcelina C.
  32. Estavilla, Ranulfo A.
  33. Fong, Jessa Honeylet M.
  34. Galvez, Marissa E.
  35. Guimapang, Lodivico E.
  36. Ladao, Galvin E.
  37. Lebeng, Eric K.
  38. Limpiada, Marilyn R.
  39. Magana, Maximo Jr. P.
  40. Magsayo, Remedios L.
  41. Maguddatu, Mito Jane F.
  42. Manjares, Rondell Ray D.
  43. Marinez, Tomas T.
  44. Martirez, Kenneth R.
  45. Matira, Joel Q.
  46. Mulato, Rolly dela Cruz
  47. Nebreja, Manuel A.
  48. Obtinalla, Arnida O.
  49. Olivo, Oliver O.
  50. Pacete, Bernard O.
  51. Pacis, Rene Lazaro P.
  52. Pedralvez, Neil Francis T.
  53. Pielago, Marilyn T.
  54. Rojas, Agnes U.
  55. Roxas, Lani Liza C.
  56. Sahagun, Jerolet C.
  57. Salas, Ester B.
  58. Sandalan, Elenita I.
  59. Segundo, Lunecia C.
  60. Simeon, Joni C.
  61. Suaybaguio, Eduardo E.
  62. Tarrosa, Edna A.
  63. Trazo, Alex K.
  64. Veloso, Cecille B.
  65. Ventolero, Catalino A.
  66. Villanueva, Rizzel V.
  67. Virtudes, Maryann delos Santos
  68. Yuguing, Rizalina V.