Pasta and Soap Making

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pastaLast August 8, 2013, the employees of the Department of Agrarian Reform had a Soap and Pasta Making training. The soap making training focused on the preparation, material specifications for making powder and detergent, fabric conditioner and dishwashing liquid. While the Pasta making was a hands on experience in making spaghetti, fettuccini, linguini noodles and baked lasagna. The training is part of the short course on livelihood skills project by Bureau of Agrarian Reform Information and Education (BARIE). BARIE is implementing the project to impart further knowledge to the employees of the department.
The resource speakers are both from ULTIMA Entrepinoy Forum Center, a company that offers various livelihood skills and training programs particularly on food that may lead to a business endeavour.  The company also offers non-food courses on making perfume, soap, dishwashing, fabric conditioner, herbal, etc.
The speaker for Pasta making is Ms. Josie De Jesus from ULTIMA Entrepinoy Forum Center. The speaker taught the employees the basic skills in making all types of pasta. The speaker emphasized that anyone can cook as long as one is equipped with the right skills. Ms. Josie gave the employees the chance to have their own practical hands on in making the right mixture of sauces and noodles.
The speaker for the Soap Making Training is Ms. Mary Rose Rivera. Ms. Mary Rose discussed the step by step process in making the soap and detergents, as well as the proper handling with the chemical for the process. The speaker emphasized that soap business is a good venture because it is a basic commodity. Also, Ms. Mary Rose shared that most of the soap and detergents nowadays are packed in sachets thus when one decides to pursue such business, one should consider such aspect to meet the demands of the future buyers.
There are four trainings in line until the end of the month of August where employees can choose to attend.