Philip E. Juico

sec pjuico
PHILIP E. JUICO, Secretary, Department of Agrarian Reform  (July 23, 1987-July 1, 1989)
Secretary Juico was Secretary of the newly re-organized Department of Agrarian Reform (EO 129-A) and sought the implementation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program. Armed with all the measures to speed up the implementation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program, he immediately came out with DAR Administrative Order No. 7, Series of 1988 which launched the LISTASAKA land registration program. The program was aimed to get the necessary data that will be used to set and monitor land ownership.

Hopes were high during this time that the program would provide a better indication of the concentration of landholdings than the census data, for it sought to establish a database of agricultural lands according to the retention limits and priorities under CARP.

However, the controversial Garchitorena scam shortened the stay of Secretary Juico as Secretary of DAR. Although he did not have any direct link to the scam, he resigned and was replaced by Secretary Miriam D. Santiago.