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DAR-DENR meet for faster implementation of agrarian reform

news reg 1 pix 1 march 2 2017CAUAYAN CITY, Isabela—Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Regional Director, Homer P. Tobias sat down with Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Engr. Dominador Penera, to iron out difficulties in the implementation of the agrarian reform program and to speed-up accomplishment of land survey targets here.

The consultation focused on the synchronization and unification of Land Tenure Services Survey targets and the presentation of survey issues and concerns to partner agencies, particularly the DENR. “There must be a cross-checking of targets between DAR and DENR,” Tobias said. 

Tobias said the two agencies encountered problems in the past due to unreconciled data and survey outputs, one of the main reasons for the delay of land distribution process, which the two departments admittedly acknowledge.

Representatives from the different provinces presented survey issues and concerns that hinder the accomplishment of the targets. Some of these issues are the temporary suspension of the E-Survey implementation of DENR to DAR projects; complete data of all tie-points as references of survey returns; reconstruction of approved survey plan (double survey). 

To clear out the issues, Penera said there is no advisory to suspend E-survey or digital land survey plan. “In fact, we recently received a memorandum on its full implementation. It is needed for the fast transmittal of data especially on landholdings with numerous lot numbers. That’s why E-survey is mandatory to DAR,” Penera elaborated.

E-Survey is a computerized information system that consolidates land data and records. The system is designed for quick and easy processing, tracking and retrieval of land information but DAR is bargaining for the temporary suspension of its implementation.

“Considering that DAR Survey contractors were just given 120 days to finish their targets, I can see that they can hardly meet the given deadline if they will not be given ample time to be adept with the new system,” Engineer Rolly Maramag, chief, Surveys Division of DAR Isabela said.

Penera said that “they (DENR) can accommodate the Survey Returns DAR has on hand for manual survey but not on the succeeding Survey Returns list.”

This is because we cannot at the moment justify hiring encoders needed for manual survey, because the ‘encoding’ in our survey activity is already omitted. Nevertheless, I will bring this up to DENR Management for their proper action,” he added.

Engineer Penera also said that DENR will provide tie- points reference of Survey Returns as requested by DAR.

He advised that for ‘double survey’ landholdings, “DAR must submit officially the copy title of Private Survey Plan and request for the projection and correction to DENR.”

“For overlapping plans where there was an issued title, it must undergo legal proceedings for any alterations to be done.” Penera supposed.

“For reconstructions, title should be cancelled, before plans will be cancelled. Penera added.

Finally, the DAR and the DENR agreed on a reconciliation of Inspection, verification, approval survey (IVAS) reports. 

Assistant Regional Director for Operations, Jessbeth Quidasol said in her closing remarks that “It’s nice to see interagency gathering for the welfare of farmers geared towards defending and protecting farmers’ rights. “Napakaganda na hindi tayo nagsasapawan kundi nagtutulungan,” Quidasol said.

The consultation meeting ended with an agreement between the two agencies that a monthly consultation meeting will be conducted for continuous monitoring of the land survey targets and accomplishments.  

The consultative meeting was held at the DAR Provincial Office on February 2, 2017. (Cristina B. Bautista)

PHOTO: DAR Regional Director Homer P. Tobias (second left) and DENR Engr. Dominador Penera listens attentively while Jessie Agbayani of the DAR Land Tenure Service Division-Isabela (leftmost) explains the rationale and objectives of the consultative meeting.

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