Php850,000 worth of farming equipment benefit Kalinga Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries

         December 16, 2019 - Php850,000 worth of farming equipment was handed by the Department of Agrarian Reform, Kalinga to two of its assisted cooperatives in the municipal hall  of Rizal, Kalinga today.

       Rizal Multi-Purpose Cooperative (RIZAMPCO) Rizal, Kalinga, an agrarian reform beneficiaries organization (ARBO) received  six (6) units tractors and 6 units grass cutters which will be distributed to 30 LinkSFarM (Linking Small holder Farmers to the Market) clusters in the area. Rizal LinkSFarM group is one among  the successful LinkSFarM projects in  the region.  Said equipment is a grant from the LinkSFarm, a program designed to help farmers market their products.

       The LinkSFarm group of said municipality has displayed a good performance in marketing their rice produce despite the threat of the rice tariffication law that affected most farmers.

       Meanwhile, Bulbul Pumya-an consumers cooperative Rizal, Kalinga received two (2) units threshers.  The cooperative is a fast growing organization in the province of Kalinga according to survey.

        The two threshers granted to Bulbul Pumyaan cooperative is from the climate change resiliency project. Barangay Bulbul is a place vulnerable to climate change. During rainy season, they experience flooding and during dry season, they experience severe drought. The two weathers whom farmers look upon as time signals for farming has become their greatest adversary as time changes, said Cristita Dawey, the development facilitator of the area.

        As an organization initially with 15 active members, the cooperative started with a small capital collected from each member. They  ventured into a consumers cooperative as of these days and they are quite doing good. Now they are a cooperative of 71 active members, added Ms. Dawey.

        CARPO for Program Beneficiary Development Division (PBDD) Agustina Duyan also said that the government is doing its best to reach the farmers. She also explained that the bidding process is strictly through the PhilGEPS (Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System) and could not be altered by anyone. Whoever will win in the bidding process will be the service provider of the procured items.

        Municipal mayor Carl Baac in his speech expressed his gratitude to the department of agrarian reform for all the assistance given to the municipality. It is not just land titling and solving of cases through mediations, but also to the extent of giving farmers the needed skills through trainings and providing for the materials  and equipment in farming, said the mayor.

        He futher stressed the virtue of mutual understanding between members.  ‘Ammok nga adda pagalagadan ti cooperatiba yo maipanggep iti panagusar kadagita nga equipment. Suruten yo dayta tapno saan nga maburak ti urnos ken kappia iti nagbabaetan yo”. ( I know that there are rules governing the use of those equipments. Strictly follow the rules to avoid misunderstanding within the group).

        In his speech, PARPO Edaṅo G. Canao of DAR Kalinga pointed out that there are many equipments given to the Municipality of Rizal, which means that the Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organizations (ARBO) are growing a lot. He said, “Use these equipments to make your life better. That is the vision of DAR. The government thru DAR wants every farmer to live a life of fulfilment. Food on every table, happiness on every child’s face, joy to every parent. We achieve this by working together to lift each other. DAR loves you because thru you, we live. It is a reciprocal process, we need each other and serve each other in order to live. Merry Christmas to all”.

        Jorny Dulawon in behalf of the farmer beneficiaries broke in tears as he said, “Saan nga malaon ti puso mi ti panagyaman iti DAR iti anos da nga mangtartarabay ken mangan-anos kadakami tapno lumung-aw kami iti panagbiag.. Kararagsakan nga paskua para kadakami daytoy nga kanito ta naiyawat ti ar-arapaapen mi nga usar pangtalon Salamat met iti local government unit iti panangbaybayabay ken suporta da kadakami nga mannalon. Salamat unay kadakayo amin ken naragsak nga pascua”. (Our hearts cannot contain our heartfelt gratitude to DAR for all the assistance so that we will have a better situation. This is the best Christmas ever because our dream of possessing farming equipment came true. Thanks to the local government unit for being supportive in all farming programs. Again, thank you very much and merry christmas to all).

        With all the government support to the farming sector, the vision of the government through DAR for farmers is seen unfolding.  -by Judith Longid