Farm Business School produces farmer-entrepreneurs

PIDE, Sagada, Mt. Province – 31 farmers in this community are  transforming into farmer-entrepreneurs after completion of their    Farm Business School this November 11, 2019.


The course being implemented by the Department of Agrarian Reform, applies a   hands-on  tutoring on  basic farm recording, bookkeeping and accounting while undergoing scientific farming. It starts  from  land preparation, planting, till  harvest and  marketing.  


       Recording of  their inputs versus outputs and expenses versus gross sales, would make them realize  that farming is  a  business. As such, they  monitor  their expenses and are more responsive in  utilizing    the technologies  of production to avoid wastage of inputs  while at the same time ensuring a good harvest.

        Shiela Patong, a graduate said, “we are very  lucky as recipients of the DAR’s Farm Business School  because  we were taught on  the preparation of  farm business plan that   guided our farm production.”

        Another  shared that before the farm business school, he  sells  his crops  without knowing if  he gained or lost. After his learnings, he    already   accounts  for all the expenses,  and knows what he expects  to earn in return .

       Upon seeing the enthusiasm of the graduates, Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer  Adela Damaso  challenged them to always apply  their learnings and  ensure the success of their farms which will eventually redound to  the  transforming of  their lives and that of their families.

        The  graduates  are members of the Pide Aguid Fedilisan Multi-purpose cooperative, members of Aguid Gardeners Organization,  O-ong Producers Association, and  Guesang Farmers Organization, Inc all in Sagada, Mt. Province. - by Sonia C. Batnag