66 C-Titles awarded to 36 ARBs

66 computerized titles with a total area of 57.3596 hectares situated at Santor, Rizal, Kalinga were printed and released by the LRA-ROD, Kalinga today. The titles will benefit 36 ARBs, 24 males and 12 females.
The lots are portion of OCT CLOA P-01 with an area of 5,000 hectares covering most of Barangay Santor.
Most of these ARBs were included in the collective title being actual tillers.
Through the Parcelization of Collective CLOAS, individual titles will now be given to each collective owner. The concerted and collective efforts of the DAR and the ROD, and field works of SPLIT, LTS and Legal team resulted to a collective joy that decades old CCLOA are finally parcelized.