DAR Ifugao turnover P10M worth of farm machinery and equipment to farmers


The Department of Agrarian Reform Provincial Office (DARPO) Ifugao turned over P10,696,500.00 worth of Farm Machinery and Equipment (FME) to eight Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Organizations (ARBOs) in Lamut last February 21, in Alfonso Lista on February 23, and in Mayoyao on February 24.

The Saranay Multi-Purpose Cooperative (SMPC) received a Tractor Head with 460 horsepower for an amount of P3,499,000.00. The iLucaban Agrarian Reform Farmers and Community Organization (iLARFCO) and Monggayan-Pinto Agrarian Reform Farmers Organization (MPARFO) each received 1 unit of Combined Harvester for rice and corn with a cost of P1,988,000.00 per unit. The Tallo Purok Happy Agrarian Reform Farmers Organization (TPHARFO) received Four-wheel Drive Tractor and Super Tresher amounting to 2,970,000.00. The Aduyongan Agrarian Reform Farmers Organization (AARFO), Talbok Agrarian Reform Farmers Organization (TARFO), and Bongan Agrarian Reform Farmers Organization (BARFO) received 1 each unit of Bulilit Floating Tiller which costs 55,500.00 each unit. Along with these is the Ngileb Agrarian Reform Farmers Organization (NARFO) which received an Engine for a Flatbed Dryer worth 85,000.00. 

Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer II (PARPO II) Atty. Raul C. Laluan, LGU representatives, and Provincial Agrarian Reform Coordinating Committee (PARCCOM) members graced the turn-over ceremony cum signing of the trust agreement. 

In the ARBs’ messages, they thanked and commended DAR employees for delivering excellent service to the people, especially to them, farmers, hence implementing a program in a short period of time, working during off-hours, and giving justice to the budget allotted to the program. “Sa pay kuma, amin nga sangay ti gobyerno ket kastuy nga agtrabaho.”, “How we wish that all government agencies work exceptionally like you do.” an ARB said. They expressed their gratitude for being noticed by the government and for being paid attention to. 

PARPO Laluan, stressed in his message that the FMEs given to the ARBOs are God-given and that DAR and its employees are merely his instruments. He recalled his message during the last turn-over to Monggayang-Pinto ARFO last November 2022, “I encourage you nga ituloy yu lang nga agkarkararag tapnu adu pay ti umay nga blessings ken haan lang nga DAR ti mangited ti tulong kadakayu mga farmers.” “I encourage you to continue praying so that more blessings will come to you, blessings that will not only come from DAR but from others too.” He said that they are gathered again for another turn-over, with more beneficiaries, because God hears their prayers.

The procurement of the FME was made possible through the Sustainable & Resilient Agrarian Reform Community (SuReARC) under the Climate Resiliency & Farm Productivity Support Program of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR). This program aims to support farm mechanization to help Filipino farmers improve their productivity and eventually increase their income. It also addresses the enhancement of food security in the country.