RPMO Caraga registers 6,757 eTitles covering 9,639 has. under Project SPLIT in 2023

As a result of a year’s worth of hard work and determination to serve the farmer beneficiaries of DAR, the Regional Project Management Office (RPMO) of the Support to Parcelization of Lands for Individual Titling aka as Project SPLIT, attained 6,757 eTitles registered covering 9,639 has. of land all across Caraga for FY 2023.

 Regional Director and concurrent Regional Project Manager Atty. Merlita S. Capinpuyan, during the first convocation of the regional office in 2024, proudly reported this astounding achievement to all employees as this exceeded the annual target, amounting to 102% for the indicator of eTitles registered.

 An eTitle, or electronic title, is an initiative of the Land Registration Authority (LRA) to digitalize the land-owning process concerned with what is considered one’s best proof of ownership of land.

 And in line with the goal of Project SPLIT to subdivide existing Collective Certificate of Land Ownership Awards (CCLOAs) to the rightful individual farmer beneficiaries, eTitles are now what is utilized and is the mode of ownership. It is also one of the most important milestones of this project.

 As it stands, this feat of exceeding 100% of the annual target has only been accomplished by two (2) other regions nationwide, making this all the more special for Project SPLIT implementers of Caraga.

 Project SPLIT as well, being a multi-billion-peso endeavor partly funded by both the World Bank (WB) and the Republic of the Philippines, are part of the greater socio-economic agenda of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. to elevate the statuses and quality of lives of all Filipino farmers. Undertaking such a huge task, DAR is at the helm of current Secretary Conrado M. Estrella III, which is fully supportive of all major programs provided most especially to the Caraganon farmer beneficiaries.

 As such, continuing her message of appreciation, RD Capinpuyan proudly stated that she is “immensely proud” of this achievement of the Project SPLIT for CY 2023.

 Further stating, “this is the result of the concerted efforts of the RPMO and Provincial PMOs in committing to their promise of delivering quality service to all farmer beneficiaries.

 RD Capinpuyan also stressed the importance of the farmer beneficiaries’ lives impacted by this accomplishment of Project SPLIT, adding, “going beyond the numbers, the 6,758 farmers covered by this are what we are truly doing this for. Their lives, and all others that will be affected, will finally change for the better.”

 And with the recent approval for extension of Project SPLIT implementation by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) – Regional Development Council (RDC) Caraga and with recognized support from the Senate, RD Capinpuyan is confident that 2024 will reign in even more amazing developments and milestones for the DAR’s Project SPLIT and most importantly, the farmer beneficiaries.